So as you can probably tell I am just a little excited to have NFL football this fall.  I am an unapologetic JETS fan.  I love Rex Ryan, I think he has done wonders for the red headed step child in New York.  I think anyone who has the brass to say the things he does and the belief that his guys will make him look like a genius when the game is played.  From everything I have read or seen his players would do anything he asks of them.  They seem to push themselves beyond what they should be capable of, I think that alone is the mark of a great coach.  I know there are tons of folks out there who think Rex is a loudmouth who needs to be put in his place.  To all of those folks, if he was the coach of your favorite team you would love him too.  Down here in Dolphin country it has been amusing seeing the transformation of Dolphin fans, they went from thinking Rex was a big fat buffoon, to grudgingly respecting him, to flat out wishing he was their coach instead of Sparano.  Which is odd because they play the same style of football.  Rex just seems to win more games.  This is the NFL not college, the talent levels are comparable.  Mark Sanchez is not better than Chad Henne, Santonio Holmes is not better than Brandon Marshall, I could go on and on but I think you get the point.  The difference must be scheme and coaching?  Since the schemes are pretty much identical 3 yds a cloud of dust, take a shot once in a while get points however you can and PLAY DEFENSE, that leaves coaching.  Rex Ryan > Tony Sparano.  For that matter the only person who I think is on Ryan’s level is the hoodie wearing guy in New England.  I am looking forward to watching this season play out.  I am thankful to have a season to watch.  I hope this year is the year the Jets get over the hump and take home a title.  No matter what, it will be entertaining!  Good Luck to the Jets!   Rex, I hope you can keep the players believing in you as much as they have in the past. I believe a team takes on the personality of its leader or it revolts against him.  In Ryan, the Jets have found the former J- E- T- S, JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!